[Firebase Mobile] Best Practice / Implementing the Deeplink to a spesific screen in a good way?

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Published on 6 Jan by David Sousa
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Published on 6 Jan by David Sousa

Hi everyone, i am new to Outsystems.

Yes, there is a tutorial to implementing deeplink from push notification from this video: https://youtu.be/ygbu3AITS4k 

but on my case, the screen that i wanted to be deeplink-ed, is having more than one parameter. the mandatory parameters are entity identifier, which is some kind of detailed screen of a form. meanwhile, on the tutorial video there is only one parameter, and the data type of the parameter is Text (string) not entity identifier.

is there any workaround to solve this? can anyone give me some advises to implementing a deeplink from push notification in Outsystems? thank you.

Convert your structure data or list of Id, serialize and pass as it as a text input parameter.

Now when you recieve it then you can deserialize it.You can refer the JSON Serialize and JSON Deserialize actions.

Note: There could be another simple approach as well, but the one I proposed will definitely work.

Hope it helps,