how to change the Label when we choose the dropdown list?

Hi All,

I have the question:

Lets say i have a dropdown list have "Car", House", Boat".

When it is House, the Label will show "It is a house" on label, if select Car, label will show to "it is a car" on label.

Hi Jing Tung Wong,

Can you tell us what kind of application are you building? Web, Mobile or Reactive?

Hi Jing ,

You can follow following steps,

1. Bind your label value to a variable name anything you want  and also give a name to your label.

On Dropdown change event you can run a query on the same entity with which you have bind the dropdown , pass the selected id and get the name of object like (car , house etc..) ..assign the value of your query result to the LabelVariable and refresh the Label by its name.

Hope this helps :)