Aggregate from consumer module returning value from wrong database column

Hi All, 

I'm having some trouble with my consumer module not pulling the right database value. 

Case_CS is a consumer module referencing Cases_Termination entity (Pic 1) from Core_Cases module. 

We used to have an attribute in Cases_Termination called ReasonCode. We had copy-pasted this attribute to two new attributes ReasonTier1 and ReasonTier2 and deleted the original. 

Fast forward to today, while debugging an issue with database values not being updated, i found that the aggregate retrieving Case_Termination from Core_Cases was wrongly pulling Reason Code into both ReasonTier1 and ReasonTier2 fields (Pic 2). However, when performed an update, the values were being updated correctly into the database 

I have tried publishing core_cases to all consumers but the error persists. Is there any way to rectify this problem without having to recreate the two attributes?

Pic 1: Case_Termination Entity in Core_Cases

Pic 2: Aggregate Query in Case_CS retrieving incorrect fields from Case_Termination 

Pic 3: Case_Termination updated correctly. 

Pic 4: Cases_Termination retrieved from Core_Cases

Pic 4 Cases_Termination retrieved from Cases_CS

Hi Caulibeam,

I would think there's some inconsistency in the meta model somewhere. I'd advise you to contact OutSystems Support for that.