[Firebase Mobile] Remote config : Not able to fetch returns empty set

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Published on 26 May by Patrícia Glória Ferreira
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Published on 26 May by Patrícia Glória Ferreira

Hi Team,

Not able to fetch remote config, returns empty set.

I follow below steps:

First Step: 

Call Function activateFetchedConfiguration 

response : isSuccess=true, isactivate=False

Second Step:

call function GetValue

request : pass field value to fetch data.

response : isSuccess = true, value = {} //return empty set

Please let me know if i am doing any wrong or what to need more things.


Hi Team,

I have added fetchRemoteConfiguration function before activateFetchedConfiguration and now it working for android only.

In iOS its activeFetchConfiguration function through an error. and because of this not able get remote config data.

please help to resolve this issue