Service Studio 11.6.32 > no Forge updates displayed

Hi all,

with the new release of Service Studio (version 11.6.32) I have a problem with the Forge updates: the bell icon doesn't display any avaiable updates.

I have several component to update (Outsystems Sample Data, Outsystems UI web, etc.) but none of them is displayed.

With the previous version (11.6.30) the systems worked fine.

Do you have this kind of problem too ?

Thanks !

Hi Luca,

Now that you mention it, I had the same issue with version 11.6.31 and I have just verified the problem persists in 11.6.32.

Have you contacted OutSystems support yet with this issue? If not, I would recommend you to, so they can fix it and release a new version if needed.



Happy to know that I'm not alone ...

Thank you for your suggestion: I'll open a ticket on the Support Page (or wait for a newer 11.6.something version)