[ImageToolbox] How to add new font-family to ImageToolbox?
Forge component by João Quitério


When trying to use the ImageToolbox (more precisely, the convert action) with a font-family (Raleway) that, probably, it is not supported, gives me the following error:

convert.exe: unable to read font `Raleway' @ warning/annotate.c/RenderType/898.

My question is, it is possible to use the tools in ImageToolbox component with font-families not supported? If yes, what do I need to do?


Best Regards!

Hi Bruno,

can you attach an example of what you are trying to achieve?

Hi Filipe,

Sorry for the late answer!

My use case is: I have an image and I want to add some text with font Raleway and then convert to Base64 to send the image embed in HTML by email. Please check the following screenshot:

When running this action, I am having an error as I explained in the first post! 

I assume that this font-family is not supported. Do you know if there's workaround to this?


Best Regards!

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