BPT - User defined chain of approvers

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I need to create workflow that contains several Human Activity steps.  The twist is that all the users that will be assigned to the Human Activity will need to be chosen by the initiating user at the start of the process rather than as the process moves from user to user.

My thoughts in how to achieve this was to create an entity that will store the selected chain of users (per process instance) and the process will pick up and populate the appropriate HA with the required user as each new HA is opened.

Are there any other (better) ways of achieving this?

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Does this solve your problem?

Hope this can help!

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Ricardo M Pereira

Hi Martin,

I will explain my high-level approach to this:

  1. Have a screen with a list of processes of your module
  2. In the detail of each process, have the list of activities
  3. Create a database entity with the following mandatory attributes: ProcessId, ActivityId, UserId
  4. In the detail of each process, implement the assign of activities to users by creating records in the entity created in 3.
  5. Make sure the assignment of activities is only available for the user that belongs to the process 
  6. Create a server action named GetUsersForHumanActivity set as function that receives a ProcessId and ActivityId and returns the UserId for that activity
  7. In the BPT, on each human activity, set the User property to GetUsersForHumanActivity(ProcessId,ActivityId)

Let me know if you need more help!


Best Regards!

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