How can develop EXcel bootstrap automate process in a screen

Can anyone help me in developing screen for excel data bootstrap in automatically using screen action for web development. Any ideas appreciated.

I added upload and button in my screen. For screen action, I added If statement for Submit button.After doing this, I am getting error  due to roles. What can i do? Any example on this process.

Hi Anusha,

Let me know if i understood your problem correctly.

1. You want to create a screen from where user will upload the excel, and then

2.  The data of the excel will be inserted in tables (database).

Also, could you please elaborate exactly what error are you getting regarding roles.

Kind Regards,

Lakshmi Kumar Yadav

1.Yes Correct. I want to do it automatically in a screen. Instead of doing in resources ( service studio) and publish the module.

2. yes data to be inserted in table. I need server action how to proceed in the table.

Error is registered role not exist. So, I logged out app. and again logged in worked. I kept like this in my screen. After this what i need to do for my screen action?

Hi Anusha,

Firstly, make sure the method of your "Ok" button is 'Submit' and assign a Screen action to it.

Now define a structure (in data tab under Structure folder) as like you have columns sequence in your excel sheet.

Now, inside your action (which is binded to the 'Ok' button), use ExcelToRecordList and provide the required values.

ExcelToRecordList will convert the excel sheet data to list which can be used further as per the need to perform Create/Update data from table.

Click on Expand source and provide values.

I have also attached sample oml for your refrence.

Do let me know if this works for you.

Kind Regard's,

Lakshmi Kumar Yadav