Action not called after Client and Server Validation

Hello All,

I have a form + Multi select drop down widget that are required in order to create a record in the database (Rule)

This form resides on the Toggle Sidebar (Add new Rule)

Account Type and Account Status are not inside the form, however the SOX Controls, Rule Name and Privilege are inside a form.

The properties of the SAVE button is also give in the second screen shot. 

Proper client side validation of the form is performed, however, once all the fields are correctly filled, the server action associated with the button SAVE doesn't work. The screen remains unchanged. 

When I change the button properties to just server validation, the server action associated with SAVE works just fine.

I'm also not able to debug this issue. Does anyone know what I might be missing?

Hi Sucharitha,

Could you please share the sample oml to analyze the validations.

Kind Regards,

Lakshmi Kumar Yadav