Unable to save a docx file in mobile application

Hi Everyone,

   In my mobile application, I have to save a file (docx) and preview that file. Herewith I attached the flow 

But the problem is I cant able to preview the saved file(docx). The Error shown as "File doesn't existed, cant be opened".

Anyone suggest a solution?




At very first whenever you post, do specify complete details.. it helps folks here to propose the right solution.

If in case you are using the plugin then next time do post such question on the plugin support page, so there's a more probability that you get quick help from plugin owner.

Perhaps coming to your question, I guess you are using the File Viewer Plugin & maybe you are testing the same with an old build:

try this:

- Uninstall Old Buil from a mobile device

- Generate a New Build, Install & test it.

If in case it doesn't work, share the details of which plugin you are using?

Hope it helps,