Code Branching on On-Premise Deployment 


I have a customer requirement for an On-Premise installation where we need to do following:

Dev Server has following CRs implemented under same application App1:

  1. CR 1
  2. CR 2
  3. CR 3
  4. CR 4

There are 2 QA servers - QA 1 and QA 2. Can we deploy following?

QA 1:

  1. CR 1
  2. CR 2

QA 2:

  1. CR 3
  2. CR 4

Finally merge the changes from QA 1 and QA 2 on Production environment leaving CR 4 behind based on Business go ahead for every CR, like:


  1. CR 1
  2. CR 2
  3. CR 3

Is this feasible? If yes, any pointers will be really helpful.

I understand this is not the correct process even if it is feasible to merge the code directly on Production. In my understanding only the QA certified code should be deployed to production as is and I am trying to convince the same to the customer. However, I am just keeping myself ready for the said requirement.




Hi Akshay,

as far as i know it's not possible.

Best way is to open a support ticket with outsystems and let them know your problem, they will come up with better solution or alternative which will help you.


Manish Jawla

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