how to set backgroup image on table or others?

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I make one page , How can I set the image as background like below and on the image I place some buttons . 

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Hi Jack,

Please refer this Post:

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Benjith Sam

Why didn't you just add it to to your page css stylesheet?

Should be something like this:

body {
    background-image: url('/MHPS/img/background.png');

About background, you can check this forge component too.

HI @Jack Bao

you can follow these steps in order to add the background image to your page, below am attaching some of the screenshots

this is my page:

In this page you need add CSS  something like this : 

SyntaxEditor Code Snippet

background-image: url('/SecretSanta_UI/img/SecretSanta_UI.santahomepage.jpg'); 
background-size:  100%;
    background-attachment:  fixed;
    overflow:  scroll;

    -webkit-animation: fadein 2s; /* Safari, Chrome and Opera > 12.1 */
       -moz-animation: fadein 2s; /* Firefox < 16 */
        -ms-animation: fadein 2s; /* Internet Explorer */
         -o-animation: fadein 2s; /* Opera < 12.1 */
            animation: fadein 2s;

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Hi Benjith,

Thks,but it seems hard to fix the position on image.



About how set  image to button, please check this post.