(Reactive Web) Default value for an input parameter of Client Action not working


In Reactive Web app I have a Client Action set as function with an Integer input parameter Not Mandatory and Default Value set to 2. However, whenever I call it from the screen action, if I don't explicitly set that input parameter, it always has the default value 0. It seems that Default Value property does not work.

I have tried making that Client Action not a function or transformed it in a Server Action and it still doesn't work. Does anyone else also have this problem? Is it a Reactive Web problem?

Hi Ana,

As per your description, i have tried to make a sample page but didn't got the problem you stated.

Kindly refer the attached oml, or you can share one in which you are facing the problem.

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Well I spotted the same problem, and before creating a post I verify for existing ones, and found this post.

In_Number is mandatory
DecimalDigits is not mandatory and have "2" as default
Out_FormatedNumber will be DecimalDigits value

This problem only occur when the client action is used as Function
And this works as intended on Traditional (Show "2" instead of "0")

Indeed this seems to be a BUG

Pedro Vieira


I can confirm this indeed is a bug and I experienced the same:

when you have an action that has an input parameter that is set to mandatory “No” and you give it a default value then the default value is ignored if you use the action as a function, in the below example I have a default date format on “DateTimeFormatSetting” and it is ignored if I use the action as a function then the DateTimeFormatString is empty, as you can see on the left bottom screen.

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