Version Maintainance

I have question regarding the version maintenance.
Can we directly integrate with version controlling tools available like GitHub, TFS, etc?

If Yes, Then how?


Hi Manish,

Welcome to the OutSystems forum. Version maintenance in OutSystems is different from that of most traditional programming languages and environments. Basically, OutSystems has its own version control, and it is not easy* to integrate it with any of the tools you mention.

More details can be found here.

*The original had "possible", but Vincent set me straight.

Hi Kilian,

What about the article right underneath it. I never bothered to really figure out what they meant with this but I think you can export any version you make in OutSystems and commit in an other VC like Git.

Do you have any experience with this?


Hi Vincent,

Thanks for the correction, I didn't know that page. I think they allude to the LifeTime API there, but I've never used it (nor any source control system). Basically you really wouldn't want to do this, but I know there's a lot of companies that have these crazy requirements...


Hi all,

Here's another interesting blog post that demonstrates the storing of deployment manifests in GitHub using an OutSystems CI/CD pipeline setup.



Cool. I will surely test this out the coming weeks even if it's just for fun :) 

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