Richmail HttpGet Content Empty

Richmail HttpGet Content Empty


I want get a web screen (HTTPGET), convert to binarydata and download excel file, i done that succefukky.

But then I publish at production server and the action HTTPGET, is always empty., and create an excel file with 0KB.

I check URL in browser at console server with localhost and servername,  alway show ok.
In ServiceCenter I check DNS
I publish in the proyect in other server, but work fine.

I need tell me same tip to check.

I hope you understand

Hi Eduardo,

I assume that you're using RichMail.HttpBinaryGet() action, right?

Can you tell me what is the URL you're passing to the action? The target URL is in the same machine?

João Portela
I use this Url, is at local machine


I test it in browser at server console, works fine.

I found an alternative, change HTTPGet Action by HTTPRequestHandler/GetRequest_Submit.

But I yet dont know way it dosen´t work at this particular server.

thank a lot

So, the scenario is: you have a page that uses RichMail.HttpBinaryGet to get an excel file generated by another page. right?

I suggest you to check the Platform Monitoring logs for some kind of error, you can also add some auditing in the page that generates the excel file, for instance audit the size of the excel file you generate, and any kind of error.

Best regards,
João Portela