unable to launch service studio

I got windows 8.1 with .net framework 4.6 in which service studio got installed but failing to launch

I have tried to launch it many times but neither showing any error nor launching!..here i attach a image of doc of Nlogerr in the resource folder

Hi Rajan,

First of all, you have double posted your issue. Could you please delete the other post?

Second, have you installed the correct supported version of Service Studio? For Windows 8, Service Studio is supported up until version 11.6.7.





BTW, also make sure to install .NET framework 4.7.2 (or version 4.8 but it is only supported since Platform Server 11 – Release Oct.2019 CP2).


sure Nordin,

Double posting was some internet issue..i ll make sure i ll delete the other one.

Thanks for the response..issue resolved!

You're most welcome Rajan :).