Page navigation seems to be holding on to page 1?

Hey guys, 

I have this table with records in which you could filter to find the exact one you want, the issue i'm having is if you find the record you want on say page 5 and then type the record in the filter. it seems to hold onto that page, I've added a few screen shots which shows my issue.

Any help would be fab, could be something really simple.

Change your ResetPagination parameter to true.

Thanks for the response. I have tried that and still no joy.

here iss another screenshot with the new attempt. it's like the filter throws it all weird. :(

Is the ResetStartIndex server action in in RefreshPurchaseOrderLineTable action being triggered?

The other thing you'd also want to check is whether you're doing an ajax refresh on your pagination bar, might have slipped out of the container you're refereshing