I'am using a Dropdownselect bind with a combo box

I want that the elements of the combo box is filter at runtime. 

I know that i can on advancedformat I can configure it.  I can not get what I pretend. Can someone help?

I want that only the "Mensal" element can be selected and I try with the following without sucess

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"{""searchEnabled"":false; ""AddItemFilter"": 'Mensal'}"


Hi Alberto,

If I understand you correctly you have a list of items. This list of items will be used in a dropdown box with a dropdown select widget to enable search. You only want to allow people to select the item with the term Mensal but there are also items in the list that do not have this term in it's description.

Why not filter the list in the preparation phase or the OnAfterFetch event to get all items with the term "Mensal" in it? The use this filtered list as the dropdown box input. Cause why present users with option that they are not allowed to choose? 

Thanks Vincent,

for your contribution.

In fact, one of the list items is "Mensal". And Conditionally with other inputs I must restrict the list to this only option ("mensal"). And I did not run preparation again.

Thanks again, but your  proposal is not what I am searching for.