[Pushwoosh Plugin] No badge number support for Android?
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Published on 02 Nov 2020

What I'm trying to implement in a mobile app, is to have a new push notification display the number of unread messages in that app (standard behaviour as seen in mail/messaging apps). I do this by checking the amount of unread messages for a specific user on the server, increment that by 1 and use that as the input for the 'Badge' parameter in the 'SendPushNotificationToDevice' server action. This works perfectly fine on iOS devices, but on my Android device (Samsung Galaxy A7 (2018) running Android 9) this does not give the expected behaviour. It does show a notification and it shows a badge with a number, but the number does not change by sending a new push notification. There is nothing wrong with the server side logic to fetch the numbers, I've made sure of this by debugging and by passing an integer of '10' as a 'Badge' value. This would result in a badge number of 10 in iOS, but no change in the badge number on Android.

I am able to alter the badge number on the Android device to the desired number with the client action 'SetBadgeNumber', but I would like to have this behaviour when sending a push notification as well, just like this is already working on iOS. Am I missing something, are there workarounds to this problem (I want it to work without the app open) or is it something that could be addressed in an update of this plugin?

Thanks in advance for your help!

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Update: we have tested the functionality for badge numbers on Android by sending a push notification directly through the Pushwoosh Control Panel, and this works just the way it should. Sending a value of 5 results in a 5 being displayed on the Android phone. So my guess is that there might be an update needed to the plugin to make this function work correctly. Pushwoosh also has a very nice increment option, which increments the badge number for you, which can be very handy when sending a notification to all users, without having to calculate all values on the server, but I guess that would be something for a feature request.

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