RFC Error

hi guys,

i've imported a RFC from SAP in integration studio 4.2 and published it in my 4.2 server on a remote machine.

When i'm about to use the RFC in outsystems service studio a get the following error in the browser:

"Unable to load DLL 'librfc32.dll': Impossível localizar o módulo especificado. (Exception from HRESULT: 0x8007007E)"

then i went for integration studio again and when i publish it i get the:

"Não foi possível resolver o nome remoto."

I went to edit source code and SAP conectors were missing.

I did this same process 3 times and get the same errors.

Any thought about that?

Fernando Santos
Hi Fernando,

Add the librfc32.dll as a dependency on your Visual Studio project and make sure it is added on the resources of your extension in integration studio.
Publish the extension and then your eSapce and try again.

Pedro Delgado @ Do iT Lean

Fernando, aside from Pedro Delgado's tips, could you also verify that you're running your 4.2 installation on a 32bit environment? You won't be able to load librfc32.dll in a 64bit environment and in such situations you may often get misleading errors reporting that some DLLs could not be found.

Last week I troubleshoot this problem in a Windows 7 (64 bits) / Visual Studio 2010 environment.

The problem was in the librfc32.dll dependencies and not in the library it self. Some dependencies were missing: msvcr71.dll, msvcp71.dll. (As far as I know these libraries are distributed with the .Net Framework 1.1).

After placing these missing libraries at Windows\SysWOW64\ directory (the problem was in a 64 bits environment) we were able to avoid the error.
In 32 bits environment these libraries must be present in Windows\Ssytem32\ directory.

João Portela