I have a MEMBER entity with an email address.  I would like to constrain the lookup of the Members to a matching email address from the Users table and pop-up an INPUT screen for the MEMBER to modify their information.

What is the best way to accomplish this.  I have tried to setup an aggregate joining the MEMBER table to the USER table with a filter of MEMBER.EMAIL = USER.EMAIL but it does not seem to find the MEMBER record to display.

Any help would be greatly appreciated. 

Hi, friend.

I think that the best way to implement is using the list commands, like ListAny.

That way, you pass the User List from the aggregate and the Member.Email as parameter. The ListAny will return a boolen with true of false.

You can also user the ListIndex. It will return the position of the user in your user list, so you can find its data to update the information.

There are many ways to do.

Best regards

Hi Robert,

What's happenig when you test the aggregate's filter, when compare strings is common have blank spaces, upper or low cases, for example, you can use Upper(User.Email) = Upper(Member.email)