Hello All,

I have a requirement where user can enter text into textbox and on submit i want that text to get converted into image.

I want to process that image and store it.

How can i convert the text to image file ?



Hi Vani,

If i am not wrong you want this type of functionality

I think you should use custom code for that like below link


Hope this will help you


Rahul Sahu

Hi Vani,

You can use below component as per your need.

It required "Test" folder should be created in C directory with read write permission

Hi Vani,

If you want that to reactive web you can take a look at this component:


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Ricardo M Pereira

Hi Vani Mankad,

Your user will input the Text i.e a base64 string of Image.

And you will store it.

Despite all the good solutions by folks above. 

I would suggest storing the Image as Binary in Entity.When you user sends the base64 Text then you just need to use Outsystem API i.e action:Base64ToBinary

Instead of using an additional component, you can go with OS way:


Hope it helps,