How delete multiple Selected records From table?

is It Possible To Delete Multiple Selected  Records  from Table Or Entity On Single Click


Yes, you can. You need to create logic to validate if the record is selected and delete that record (inside of for each) or store what records are selected and do a bulk delete with SQL.

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If you could add a bit more details that we can assist you a bit better. 

But to answer your question with the information given; Yes you can. In an screen action (that you can bind to a button for example) you can delete multiple records from a list (with the ListRemove action) or from an Aggregate (with the associated entities Delete action). After doing so you need to refetch the aggregate if needed and update the screen with an Ajax Refresh (if you use Web Traditional). 

In addition; If you need a method to select the items in the list then you could use the following Forge component to assist you with this;

Use all the selected Id's in String with comma separated and pass those in advance query for delete the multiple records in one shot.performance wise it very effective way to handle such scenario.