Show always the same menu - Reactive web app


I'm fairly new to OutSystems. I've searched through the forum but i ain't been able to find the answer.

I'm developing a Reactive Web App. I've got only one menu, but it has two layouts: top menu and sidebar menu. In fact it's the same content, but top menu it's used on web explorer (PC), and sidebar it's used on mobile (or PC with little width). As you may know, OutSystems switch from one layout to another automatically depending on the resolution.

My question is, how can i do to show ALWAYS the sidebar menu?


Hello Ángel,

You can replace the Layout of your pages in the Theme, by the Lateral Menu Layout.

Any NEW page will use this layout instead, and it will always use the lateral menu.
For old pages created with the Top Menu layout, you can replace the layout web block in the page. 

I think this would fix the layout to be the lateral one.

Hope this helps.
Let me know if it doesn't.



Thank you so much! It's exactly what i wanted, perfect explained.