Record list data type required instead of record in OS 11

Newbie here, I am running SS 11 (latest build) on Windows 10 64 bit

I am trying to pull in a simple excel file with just two columns and keep getting the error Record list data type required instead of record.  I have opened up the expression editor and gone through choosing each one of the attributes one at a time to see if I can resolve the issue and I cant seem to figure it out, please help, here is a screen shot.


please check this post, that will help you.. If you have more issues, tell us.


Hi Peter,

There a much simpler way to accomplish this with only a few clicks by bootstrapping the Excel file to an Entity. 

Check out this article.

EDIT: Nuno beat me to the punch :). His linked post is also very useful if you want to evaluate some more options.



Hi Peter,

When you want to show data as a list, you have to give all your list with data as source, not one record from it.

ListRecords1.List.Current is one recort.

Write ListRecords1.List instead of ListRecords1.List.Current