I have a simple BPT process (only for tests purpose) with these steps:

The Automatic Activity only have a assign with Boolean = True

The Human activity what defined as the image below:

Note: I used the User as Hard Coded only to guarantee that the task will be assigned to correct user.

When i launch the process i can see in the Service Center that it made all steps correctly

How ever when i access the application with the User 39 ( the same used in the definition of Human Activity) i have a javascript error:

Line 160:

 <script type='text/javascript'> EPATaskbox.instance = new EPATaskbox(outsystems.internal.$('.EPATaskbox_Container'), 39, 10, true, null); </script>

Note: The "Launch Process" is an action called by a button on my screen where i launch the process (as the name says...)

I could also note that the folder "EPA_Task" is not been loading in the sources of the browser. The question is "why ?" 

Note: When i tested the same case with success on my personal environment this folder was loaded

Some Extra information

  • I checked if the taskbox is enable for this application
  • I also checked the Environment Health and  everthing is ok
  • I made the same steps on my personal environment (this problem only happen in the company enviroment ) and the result was ok
  • I created a solution with the modules that i use and publish... and nothing changed.
  • The Process and screen are in same module and i define the User Provider as "Users"

Hi Heriberto,

That never happened to me, but a few point:

Is the EPA Taskbox in the same version that you have in your personal environment? 

Is EPA Taskbox updated?

Did you already see in Service Center under monitoring processes if is everything ok? (What is the current human activity status as if is well assigned).

Hope this can help.

Best regards,

Ricardo M Pereira

Hi Ricardo,

Thank you for answer!

About the points that you had mentioned:

1) These are the versions:

  • Company environment: "EPA_Taskbox" version
  • Personal environment: "EPA_Taskbox" version

2) All instances of processes are active and without errors


    And as I sent before all processes stopped in Human Activity with the status "Ready"

Best regards,

Heriberto Filho