CreateEntity is creating with duplicated Ids


When i click a button i'm trying to create a new process and i get this error:

The ID of the process is AutoNumber and i'm creating the process like this:

 If i click the same button now, it will try to create a Process with Id 11 (The last id of this table is 295), so it seems like this is looking to a different table.

This entity was created with Outsystems 10 in the outsystems platform and we are now working with Outsystems 11 since last week.

It is happening to another entities aswell.

Kind regards,

João Cardoso

Hi João,

on the source you are passing to the CRUD Create action, are you passing any ID? Or is the ID empty?


The ID is empty.

One thing you can test, and if the data in the table you have doesn't interest you, is to delete the table, and create a new one, I even suggest that it be with a different name, and then rename it. You may be having conflicts in the database.

I could try that, however this table has some FKs that would make me have to delete a few more tables, which i don't want to.

I don't know if this will solve it, but if you really have access to the database, you can try to know what the physical table is and clear the data for it, I think that it will not be necessary to drop the table.

If you have access to the BD, and if you want the command lines, tell me

To search the table:

SELECT es.NAME AS 'eSpace Name',
       et.NAME AS 'Table Name',
   et.PHYSICAL_TABLE_NAME AS 'Phisical Table Name'
FROM   ossys_entity et
       LEFT JOIN ossys_espace es
              ON et.espace_id =
WHERE  et.NAME LIKE '%RealEstate%'

To Drop:



Turns out i just needed to reseed my entity to its max id.

Used something like this to check the current identity

  SELECT     IDENT_CURRENT   (  'Person.Address'  )   AS   Current_Identity; 

And the reseed to the max id of the entity.