How to show text and integer(both) in tooltips in Range slider in reactive web?


I am facing an issue while creating tooltips for Range slider in Reactive web.

I have a table in Database which has three attributes. Let's say table name : Tb_name.
Three attributes are Id,value and Name.So Max value of the slider depends on the Max value of the table.
Let's say,

Id      Name      Value

1       abc            1

2       xyz            2

3       pqr            3

4       mno          4

5       uvw           5

if i add one more attribute with value 6 , slider max value will also change automatically.
I was able to get integer values in tooltips(as shown in the picture below).But i want to show tooltips as (abc,1),(xyz,2),(pqr,3),(mno,4),(uvw,5),....

For the integer values ,I have used Advanced format in properties

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Please let me know if someone knows the solution for this.

Thank you so much,


Please look below links.It will resolve your issue