DB schema comparison between QA and Production in Outsystem

1.New column added to  the existing table 

2.Modifying the constraints to the existing table 

3.Adding new table to existing table. 

4.Modifying the constraints to existing column in the table. 

For above mentioned DB changes in outsystem  ,Do we have schema comparison tool or best practice  provided by Outsystem before moving from QA to production ?.... 

Because of we are facing run time issue while publising into production . 

Please advise to address this kind of scenario in effective manner

H Jegan,

Your points are open to interpretation.

2. "Modifying the constraints to the existing table", can you give an example?

3. "Adding new table to existing table", do you mean adding a foreign key attribute to an existing table?

4. "Modifying the constrains to existing column in the table", what do you mean, change data type?

The best way to address the problems you are facing is to make sure you have all the proper code in a timer that runs on publish, to cope with the changed table structure. The code can ensure that values for new columns are correctly set on each record.

Not sure if there is a component that lets you easily compare the entities from two environments.

But you can, of course, fire up 2 times Service Studio and do a visual comparison between Development and Production.

Honestly, the moment you are applying changes to the entity definitions in Development would be the time to already think through the implications for Production and what you need to code to fix it. Not after you publish to Production.

And even better, assuming you have an infrastructure that also has at least a Test and maybe even a QA environment, those would be the perfect place to test out if your action that has to fix the data issues is working correctly before you update Production.



Hi Daniel, 

      thanks for your valuable comments.. I just made generic statement .

But here i am trying to convey ... is there any DB schema comparison option/tool/forge component supported by Outsystem ?...  similar to Redgate,ApexSQL provided for DB schema comparison between different environment for same DB .

DB schema comparison required between Dev/QA/Production just to verify our changes before pushing to next stage.


As I said before, I think there is not.

There is https://www.outsystems.com/forge/component-overview/1093/data-extractor

which I think also extracts entity structure.

You would have to do that in DEV and PRD and then use a texteditor to view the differences.