Unable to scroll within comment section which is read-only

I am working on traditional web.where i am facing an issue while scrolling into comment box having capacity of 500 characters which is available in read-only format and i want to make it scroll by keeping it read-only format itself. Please help me to solve this issue.


Hi, friend.

You'll have to change it through CSS properties. 

Apply the [ overflow-y: scroll; ] propertie and it might solve your problem.

Best regards.


Hi Lenon,

 I have made that change but i think due to read_only property it getting overlapping. So, what i supposed to do so that will execute properly.


I don't think that will overwrite the first one, but...

Try to apply [ overflow-y: scroll!important; ]

Apply it to the input itself or to the container above it.

CSS is a tricky think. I'll try some solutions here.

How about an IF widget, which shows a pure text instead of the comment widget in the read only scenario?

I was talking to a UX designer here and he said that inputs have no scroll propertie (what make total sense), only textarea does.

Anyway, the OutSystems have no "text area" on the front-end tools. The input behaves like input if there is only one line in the Text Lines propertie. If there is 2 or more, it behaves like text area and accept the scroll propertie.

I made the tests and it's working.