Hi... I have a problem while doing online tutorial. How come my seraching the datadbase won't work

HI Theow,

I have checked your oml, you have not defined any logic on button, you need to refresh the query and refresh the table as well and make your search action ajax refresh.

Hope this helps.


Manish Jawla

Hello Manish, 

The search is done (initially) using Submit, meaning that the Logic can be empty, as the preparation will run again (aggregate will be executed), and the page will be entirely refreshed, meaning that the table will bring the aggregates results. 


Besides an error in the last filter, that returns always True, no matter if you check or not the Checkbox, there is no apparent error on your code.

So, how are you doing your search?

If you didn't set any Genre for the movies, anything different than "All Genres" option will return no results.
Also, if what you type in the Search box does not exist in any title or plot summary, no results will be found. 

In the end, if your database is empty, you will also not return any result.

Can you provide the link to your application so that we can play a little with it to see the problem?