Created User for application and added role in the Users area but unable to login?

What I have done (Outsystems Personal Environment):

I have added the User: Bookings_myself_User to my Core module Roles

I have added the User: Bookings_myself_User to my Home module Roles

I have added the User by creating one at http://<your_server>/Users/

I have added the role: Bookings_myself_User to this new user (myself,, password)

I have changed the settings to Public: Yes and Persistent: Yes in both of the modules

The attempts to login after were done within a minute or two (are slow servers a possible issue)

I have double checked all of the above.

I am given invalid username and password error every single time when I publish and open application.

I am able to login with my administrator account username and password. 

I have lost about 40 minutes double checking everything. Any ideas what might be issue?


Ok. Seems like a silly error. Basically the login fields specify Email and Password combination. I took this literally. However Username NOT Email seems to be what is required to login.