Automate changes of front end configurations


We are trying to automate as much as possible the steps needed whenever an intervention is required on our front-ends, either to apply security patches, rebooting, or some other reason that requires downtime of the server.

For that, one of the steps would be changing the configuration of which front ends are running timers, BPT's and sending emails, which we would hope to achieve by calling and API or updating some field on the database.

Has anyone already done some like this, or is aware of a way of achieving it? I've looked on the system tables, but i couldn't find the one that stores this configuration (and I'm also not much in favour of updating a system table).

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Bruno Lourenço

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Hi Bruno,

Are you using selective deployment zones? You could try to use it to select which front-end servers will run timers, BPT or send emails in your OS infrastructure architecture, and change this configuration whenever you want. (this feature is only available in on-premise intallations).

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Hello André,

Thanks for the reply. 

Our goal was really to have an API or a flag we could update, without having to  go to Service Center, because we want to automate all actions to take a server offline (removing from the load balancer, stopping services, etc...), being one of the steps checking if it's necessary to move the timers, BPT and emails to another front-end. 

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Bruno Lourenço 

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Ok, got it now. I think it is not possible to do this without going to service center... but maybe you can find something in the Lifetime API. If you don't find anything there, I suggest you to contact the OutSystems support to help you with this, since it envolves a low level access to platform features.