Tooltip not displaying after Ajax Refresh of table

I have a table of data, where one of the columns has an icon with a link. The link calls a Screen Action, which displays a tool-tip when clicked:


This works fine. However, after an Ajax Refresh is done on the table, to load more data, the tool-tip doesn't display anymore when the icon is clicked. Having debugged it, when the link is clicked, after the table refresh, the flow still goes into the link's Screen Action and retrieves all the data correctly, but doesn't show the tool-tip. I've set up the Screen action to also Ajax Refresh the link & tool-tip at the end:

I've read that the id of the widget/element keeps changing every time an Ajax Refresh is called.

What could be causing this issue?

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Your refresh should contain the Tooltip link and widget. My suggestion is to put the two in a div and refresh the div.

Whenever you have a JS widget that takes the reference of an element id, you need to refresh both together. The element and the component.