Screen action , how to set "timer" I.E , after 10s ,execute one action?


I have   one page ,   let users click button to excute one server action  and after 10 seconds , it executes another server action . 

can it be done ?

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If you are doing a non react application you can use the timer forge component I created

You can do a repeating timer or a once off timer to call an notification action. It's an old Outsystems 10 component but works ok in 11 but not with a react application.

Hi , John, 

Can it be done like below:

Wasn't designed specifically for that use case but you can easily achieve this by placing the timer webblock on the screen inside a named div and enclosing it in an IF condition with a variable defaulting to false. Then in your code you set the variable to true and refresh the container. 

Another option if your good with Javascript is you could also execute a javascript timer action yourself if you want slightly more control and call an event, you can have a look at the javascript code in that component for an example on how.