Invalid e-mailaddress - Mail Queue

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I have found some information about sending e-mails, but not really a good view on how Outsystems handles the e-mails with f.e. an invalid e-mailaddress. 

I know that Outsystems puts every outgoing e-mail in the mail queue. And I have read that Outsystems tries to send this e-mail for the next 48 hours. But what happens when there is a queue of lets say 100 e-mails and the first has an invalid e-mailaddress? Does Outsystems tries to send this e-mail every time and when it comes to an error, it will go on to the next and after that one has been sent it goes back to the mail again with the invalid e-mailaddress? 

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If an email is blocked because of an invalid email address the other emails will send like normally. After 48 hours the faulty email will timeout and will be thrown away.