Encrypt Oracle Database Communication

Our customer's security rules dictate that we must encrypt all inter system communications.

This is fairly easy for some things e.g use https not http, sftp not ftp  etc.

However for communication between Outsystems and an Oracle database (we are using 12c) it is trickier.

Oracle does support SSL encryption of database links using a certificate stored in an Oracle passport and a certificate stored on the client in an Oracle passport. It then requires configuration of the SQLNet.ora file and an appropriate link stored in the TNSNames.ora file. 

However the instructions seem to generally relate to using jdbc drivers. 

The forums have others asking the same question but there are no answers.

So I have a couple of questions

1. Has anybody managed this successfully? If so your help would be most appreciated.

2. Has anybody tried and failed? If so what were the roadblocks you encountered and have you shared them with outsystems?


Hi Nick,

Things would be easier if you have OS Platform version Platform Server 11 - Release Oct.2019, which has the following update to the Oracle Data Provider.

Upgraded Oracle Data Provider for .NET, Managed driver to version 19.3.1 (

According to the official documentation, this driver allows applications to connect to Oracle Database 11g Release 2 or later.

If you have integrations with earlier versions of Oracle Database, they will not work. You will need to upgrade your Oracle engine to version 11g Release 2 or later, in order to continue using those integrations.

This driver supports native encryption, meaning that you can set up your database to require encryption and this means all connections will be encrypted between the server and the database (applicable for the platform and external databases). (RSAT-1723)