How come the displace won't display

I am doing a we block and eveything is running fine except I place some display on the placeholder and it won't didplay on the web page

Hi Theow,

Unfortunately, I don't understand what you mean. What Web Block are we talking about? What "display" are you "placing on the placeholder"? What Place Holder?

Hi Theow,

Waht i understood according to your "oml"

You are saying you are working on webblock and when you use webblock in a screen it is not displaying anyting on screen.

Please let me know-

1. In this webblock you are using "RatingList" as Boolean Data type-

2. in this rating list you add element like counter>rating

3. you are define condtion on table name like

in your oml db reference is broken.


Rahul Sahu

Hi Theow,

I took a quick look at your module. 

You have created a Suffix Placeholder inside your StarDisplay Web Block. The idea is that you make this Web Block reusable, hence the placeholder so you can show different content inside of it.  

In your module, you have dragged an Expression widget to the Suffix Placeholder directly inside the StarDisplay Web Block. This is the wrong way to do this.

What you want to do is first drag your Web Block to your MovieDetail screen and then drag an Expression with the below value to your Suffix Placeholder like shown in the screenshot.

Expression value:

"out of " + GetAverageRating.List.Current.Count + " ratings"

This way you can again drag the StarDisplay Web Block to a different area of your MovieDetail screen (as you will do later on in your assignment) and show different content inside the Suffix Placeholder.

Hope this helps.



I am having the same problem but the expression is in the correct place in my app. Yet the suffix does not display.  I can see the 5 stars but nothing below that.  I have gone through the lab (8.4) about 3 times to check my execution of the steps, and I cannot find anything wrong that would cause this problem.

Please help!