[Reactive] List does not show all items

I have a screen in my application which uses 'fetch data from other sources' to parse data from an XML into a structure. I then write the structure to a local variable and try to show a list of parts of this structure into my screen. The list does 'reserve' the space needed for the data, but doesnt show any more than 4-7 items, depending on how big the XML is. I suspect that the list gets filled before the data is properly put into the local variable. How can we fix this?

Hi StefB,

I had a similar issue once. Didn't have the time to find a proper solution but found something that worked.

Could you perhaps try to iterate through the list that you are using, before assign the list to the local variable and see if that helps to show all of your items?

Hi Dylan,

Thanks for your reply, sadly, this does not fix my issue. It still does'nt show all my items.