Studio 5 Wishlist items

Studio 5 Wishlist items


Hi :-)

We love Service Studio 5.0.

A couple of questions / requests:
  1. When editing static entities' records using Service Studio 4.2 we were able to copy and paste records into and from Excel, which made editing many records at the same time easier. It is unfortunately not possible in the new Service Studio. Is there another efficient way to edit multiple records?
  2. Editing a static entity's records is extremely slow with TrueChange on. Can we manually turn off TrueChange before begining a heavy editing operation and then turn it on again after finishing?


Another wishlist item from my side is to be able to filter on the eSpace Tree.

Maybe make it possible to filter on each folder.


Hi Ludolph and Ashirvaad!

Thanks for the suggestions. Regarding some of your questions, however:

- If you used to be able to copy and paste records into and from Excel, I sincerely suggest you submit it to our support, using Service Studio's "Submit Feedback" button, since that seems like a bug (even if unintended).

- Regarding the poor performance in heavy editing operations I again suggest you send an eSpace to our support department where you can easily replicate the poor performance, explaining the exact steps, so that we can assess whether or not something can be improved there. Regarding turning TrueChange on and off, I have to say that I don't know if it's possible, but hopefully if someone knows how to do it, they'll post here :)

Best regards,

Paulo Tavares