Listrecord - on the first line with Expression and on the following Combobox


I come here to expose, a difficulty that I am having.

I have a List 1, which presents some data.

But I need the last data entered in the "Tanque" column in List 1, to be the first data, in the "Tanque" column in List 2.

In the first row, from List 2, the "Tanque" column cannot be edited, but the remaining columns can.

As with the rest of the lines, they can be edited entirely.

What I have:

I put an Expression, to present the last "Tanque" in List 1.

But I wanted the remaining lines not to have Expression, but a ComboBox, to be able to choose, since the remaining lines could be edited.

The remaining columns in List 2 can always be edited in full in all rows.

Can someone help me?




It seems you can chose between expression and combobox with an If.

Maybe if Tanque has value, show expression, else show combobox.