Hi All, 

Any idea when is the SLOWSQL log message in the general log generated? Is it right after a call is made, or is it bundled up and analyzed by the platform after some time? 

We're trying to trace the call that was initiating the slowsql message but cant figure out why the log is coming out at very odd timings where no calls were triggered. 

Hi Caulibeam,

Although I do not know the timing of when OutSystems generates that warning, I do know that logging in OutSystems is asynchronous. This means the actual log creation can vary in time and even be out of sequence I think.



Hi Daniel, 

Am also aware that it is asynchronous, but we're getting this log triggered early in the morning, quite a number of hours after the actual call seems to have been made. 

I tried to open the performance probe module to see if that was the source, but service studio didn't allow that. 

ah ok, that is something I also find strange then. Hopefully, someone else on the forum knows more about it.