Creating an exe-file

Is it possible to create an exe-file from a Service Studio Document?

Or is Service Studio for web applications only?

Grateful for any information on this.


Hi Gustav.

Indeed, Service Studio is mainly designed to develop web-based applications. There's no way to create an exe-file from a Service Studio document. What exactly did you need it for, if I may ask?

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Paulo Tavares

Thanks for the reply Paulo.

I would like to be able to send the application to another computer for offline use, and a regular exe-program would make it really handy.

So I guess it's not possible to access the raw code behind the web application either.

Then I'm thinking about another solution: would it be possible to make it much easier to view a web application published on the localhost. Let's say the Agile Platform and Service Studio is installed, would it be possible to just click on an icon and open the web application (instead of opening Service Studio, publishing it on the localhost and then opening it in a browser)?




A simple alternative would be to use something like Firefox Prism which allows you to deploy a web application as if it was a normal web application.

Check it out at

Wow! That sounds cool indeed, thanks for the heads-up. You mean turning the web application into a desktop application, right?

Asides from that, however, you can indeed access the raw code behind the application, Gustav. You go to Service Center and download a zip-file with the whole .Net code, if I'm not mistaken.

Hope this helps!

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Paulo Tavares
So you could, in theory, actually us the .net code and from that create an exe-file, or implement the code outside an Outsystem environment (if no RichWidgets are used)? Or would it be impossible to run the application without the Outsystems server installed (excuse me for my stupid questions, but I am a beginner in all this).

Btw, following downloading the zip-file, it is impossible to open. Has anyone else experienced this? (I use WinZip v8.1)

Pedro: Thanks for your help, I will check out Firefox Prism.
Pedro: Like the Prism is exactly how I would like it to work. But I assume the prism in itself doesn't contain the web application, i.e. for example you can not publish a Service Studio Application on localhost, turn it into a prism and then send the prism to another computer who then can access the application. That is what I want to do. Note that after sending it to the second computer, the application does not need to be accessible from the first computer (like a web application is), but it could very well be an offline program.

The problem is that the server that I would like to host the web application can probably not support the Outsystems platform, thus I either need an offline program (exe-file) or to use the raw code to create a version which does not rely on the Outsystems platform.

I feel I'm a bit unclear now, please ask questions if you do not understand.

And thank you for all your help!
Hi Gustav.

Let me share my thoughts on what you are proposing. The purpose of the code download is to protect our customers' and users' investment in our technology. They can, at any time, just get the .Net code of the applications they generated in OutSystems.

As such, in theory it should be possible to do what you are proposing, but in practice it is a hard thing to do, since most of the code relies on the .NET server, web controls and web application infrastructure. It seems to me that you would have to undergo a massive code redesign in order to build a desktop application through that process.

Regarding the .zip-file you downloaded, I'll suggest the following:

- Download it again;
- Update to the latest Winzip version;
- If all else fails, and if you don't have any "trade secrets" in your application, attach it to one of your posts so that we can try to decompress it here, just to understand in which end is the problem.

Regarding running the applications without having the OutSystems server installed, I'd say it is possible - but you will always need IIS server to deploy the applications and run them there, since they are web applications (i.e. they need a webserver to be deployed on). This server might be installed in the localhost, though.

Hope it helps! Keep your questions coming - there are no wrong questions :)


Paulo Tavares

Hi Gustav,

From what I understood, the main reason for you to want a stand-alone exe file is that the server where you can deploy web applications will probably not support OutSystems.

Unfortunely there's no easy way around that. Prism-like alternatives will do you no good as Prism only acts browser side (it has nothing to do with the web app itself) and using something like Gears offline support won't serve you well either because the second computer would have to access the webapp at least once and the app itself would be very limited (to client side operations only).

Could you please share with us why will you be unable to install OutSystems in your server?

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Thank you all very much for your help. For the moment, the project is on hold - but I might very well come back with more questions in due time, I'll then specify tje issue even further.

Thanks and regards


It's much simpler then that:
- Create application using Service Studio
- Deploy in Service Center
- Create Solution in Service Center ( will be an *.osp file)
- Copy file to local (offline) PC

On the local (offline) PC
- Install Platform Server en Service Center
- Deploy the solution (simply double-click the OSP file)
- Create an icon on the desktop to start IE (or FireFox) with the correct URL to the app.

That's it.