I am experiencing very odd behaviour. I am trying to add the Touch Id Plugin. I have created a very rudimetary application to test how this plugin integrates. It simply runs the plugin to make sure it works.

So I generate an Android native application. Install the application on my phone. When I open the application for the first time the plugin works! Great this is the expected behaviour.

The problem occurs when I close the application and then launch it again. Now the plugin does not work. It reports 'cordova is not defined'

When I first install and run the application I can run a piece of javascript that will show me all the cordova plugins being used.


However, on closing and reopening the app this script causes an error which appears in the logs as '[ErrorScreen] cordova is not defined'

So why does cordova load and be available on the first run of the application? Should I be telling my application to load cordova in some way? I am clearly missing something?

Hi Garrett,

what I advise you is to open this question right on the component's own page. This question will be shared here too, but those responsible for the component will be notified, and you can get help much faster.