NEW Agile Network User pages

NEW Agile Network User pages

Hi All,

We've just released the Agile Network User pages.

Now you can add more information about you, like where you live, your personal website (or alternatively your blog, twitter, linkedin or facebook page) and whatever text you like. And you can even add a picture to your profile! This way, when you talk with anyone in the forums you'll also be able to see who they are and if they are online. Of course all this is optional so you can share as much or as little as you like.

Just click on the My Info link in the top right corner of the Agile Network screens and give it a try right now:

nice :)

keep up the good work :D

Cool stuff! Congrats!
Nice feature :).

Exellent  :)
Great stuff!

I'm happy to see some of you have already have your pages updated!

Keep it up. :)

Paulo Tavares
Good work.