COVID-19 Community Response Update - April 1

Hello Community,

Welcome to April, let’s hope it doesn’t last a full year like March felt like. :) Time for the latest update on the COVID-19 Community Response Program. First, a reminder that you can see all the solutions here.

We currently have 7 partnerships established to help the projects we’re supporting go to the next level. A big thanks to our partners Nexmo, SendInBlue, Twilio, Pyze, Workato, Mapbox, and AWS!

The Marketing team is working closely with the Community team to ensure we’ll have blog posts dedicated to all projects as they start going live, sharing the story behind the apps and how the idea became reality.

The OutSystems Advocacy team, besides managing the projects we are supporting and providing technical support, is also working on creating generic components for the Forge, dedicated to crisis management, for the entire community to leverage. More on this soon!

Plus, a reminder for all the parents out there (or for anyone really) to download the Neo fighting COVID-19 coloring book here. We’ve even had it translated into a number of different languages.

Have a good and safe day!