Create good image in web page

Hi everyone

How can I create good image in my web page.

Now I create manual page.So I need to display image for my user.

my method is firstly screen shot my app and repair using paint and import the outsystems.

The result is the image look  is not require is below

somebody help me please.


Hi, friend.

Can you explain better whats exactly you want to do?

The image quality will be defined by the screenshot. 

I really don't get it.

Best regards.


I believe that your problem is the use of "Paint".

 I think you should use the Window snipping tool to get a better result.

Hope this helps.

I can also recommend Greenshot or if you willing to spend some money I can really recommend SnagIt

But even if you use Paint it shouldn't be as blurry as it is. Are you using the native dimension of the screenshot or are you forcing a certain size. From the looks of it, it's the latter. For clear pictures make sure that you don't resize the picture.