problem with the DATETIME when export the report to EXCEL

Hi All,

I need to export the report to excel. It is working fine but only the field about the datetime not showing correctly.

Please refer my screenshot

another screenshot

Hi, friend.

That errors are caused by the DateTime settings in your service center. You'll have to change time zone to fix.

I'm from Brazil and here we have the same issue.

Halo Lenon,

can you share me where can change the timezone?

any screen see where to click and change?



i found the solution, just manually add the hours will do


Hi Jing,

One more solution for the above mentioned use case:

1) Define a structure for the Excel Record and set the date column attribute data type to Text as given below:

2) Before passing the List to RecordListToExcel Node, format the date attribute value as per your need.

Check this: Demo Application

Hope this helps you!


Benjith Sam