Is there a way to use a remote MongoDB database in the Atlas platform?

I am Luis and this is my first post. I have recently finished the online course on web development, so i was poking around the databases supported, and from what i found out, there is only support for SQL databases.

I currently have a DB in Atlas and i would like to use it in this next app. 

Is there any sort of trick that you might know of to make it possible to interact with a mongoDB or Atlas directly? If it's not possible, what would you recommend me to do in order to import the data and schemas?

If possible, link any documentation you think is relevant to help me implement.

Thank you! 


Hi Luis,

There is a component in the Forge that does the Integration with MongoDB.

We use it for customer projects:

There are a few articles on the OutSystems/MongoDB integration to: How to integrate nosql into outsystems app

And a great article from my colleague David Sousa: Learning nosql the easy way




Daniël Kuhlmann, Thank you for the learning resources.
This is great.

Your welcome!