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Anyone that can help me with this would be great. 

I have an entity called "Compare" and in my database, there are 2 sets of data. In one of my screens, i want to be able to display both sets of data together at once. However, i think i can only display one set as the expression to display the data will be 

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The "current" in the expression will only allow one set of data to be shown. 

I want to achieve this is because i want to create a "add to compare" page, where users will be able to browse through a catalog and add items to a "Comparison" page. 

I was planning that whenever, a user adds an item to compare, it will create a new data in the "Compare" entity. Then, when the user adds a second item to compare, a second data will be created. Finally, in the "Comparison" page, both sets of data will be shown (in a side by side comparison). 

I also want to know whether creating data in the database is the best way to do this comparison feature, because this will result in the constant creation and deletion of data from the "Compare" entity, which might slow the app down? 

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Hi Jolene,

If you want to show data without current so that you can refer any row you want then you can access list items using index, like below

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GetCompareById.List[<any other local integer variable>].Compare.<Attribute>